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My Favourites Panoramic images from 2013

December 30, 2013

It seems popular this time of year to create a gallery of favourite images taken during the year. I started to create a gallery but realized that my love for creating large panoramic images is growing.  So I have decided to create two “looking back” galleries with this being the first one, specifically for panos. As you will see, my interest in panos is focused primarily on sunrise/sunset images. I love the challenge of the necessary planning (knowing ahead of time where the sun will rise/set and how it works into the composition) and having to work quickly in fast changing lighting situations. The required post production work is also challenging. I think I really have developed a style for these type of images. I hope you enjoy viewing these as much as I enjoyed creating them. Click on the images to see a larger size in a new window.


 This first image was actually photographed in late 2013 but the image was not ready for printing until Jan. 8th 2013 so I decided to include it. It is a sunrise abandoned homestead image and was taken just south of Calgary, Alberta. From a planning standpoint, there were only five days during the year where the sun rose in the desired position between the house and little barn. Months of waiting paid off.  Image size: 18730×7217, prints up to 104″x40″


This next image was created in Iceland on May 31st 2013. I had found this location earlier in the evening but it was raining heavily. The weather did not look promising, so I moved on. Later that night, the sky started to clear. So I rushed back, driving about an hour, to arrive in time to create this image. This was taken around 11:30pm. Image size: 12882×5785, prints up to 70″x32″


Another Iceland image; this one not only required advance knowledge of when/where the sun would set but also the tide schedule. There were only two days during my visit where low tide happened around sunset and I was there on one of those days. It was quite a drive to this part of the island (Hvitserkur) but I think it was worth it. Image size: 17020×5835, prints up to 94″x32″


This Iceland sunrise image was created at around 3am at the famous Jokulsarlon Lagoon. I had photographed the location until about an hour after sunset (1am) and and then just waited around for sunrise at 2am! Image size: 19658×5753, prints up to 110″x32″


This final Iceland pano in the 2013 gallery is not a sunrise or sunset image. But it did require being there for a specific event. In this case, that event was low tide. This image was taken from about half way across the little bay in front of the island. I had brought rubber boots with me to Iceland and I created this photo while standing about 250 meters from shore during absolute low tide. After taking this image, I was able to walk right across the bay and photograph the ship up close. However, the tide came in incredibly fast and my return trip was with water up to my waist and my camera gear over my head. I guess if I had waited much longer, I would have had to spend the night on the island! This image is very big. I have one print that measures about 18 feet long! Too bad you can’t see it at full size on your monitor 😦 The best compliment I have had on this image is: “It looks like an Edward Burtynsky image”. Image size: 38280×5681, prints up to 210″x32″


 And last but not least, another abandoned homestead sunrise image from Alberta, taken in July. Image size: 16478×5683, prints up to 92″x32″

Thanks for viewing!

Stay tuned for the second 2013 gallery featuring non-panoramic images.

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  1. December 31, 2013 12:24 am

    These are all great images Scott, it’s impossible to pick a favourite. Awesome!

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