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April snow on the Icefield Parkway

April 4, 2011

Southern Alberta has hit by a large snow storm over the weekend. It was relatively late, as most of the heavy spring snowfalls in this area tend to happen in mid March. The roads on Saturday were in very poor condition but I “braved” it and headed to the mountains. Although the forecast did not have as much snowfall predicted for the mountains, I knew that the combination of new snow and April light could prove to be a great combination. It was quite the drive but I survived. I headed up the Icefield Parkway and sleep in my SUV over night. In the morning, the sky was clear and it was only -16 C. I headed to Mistaya Oxbow, one of my all time favorite spots along Highway 93 (check my website for other images from this location like this one and this one). I photographed this scene with my 24mm TS-E lens and shifted the lens to create a wider panoramic image that captures light on two peaks. As I processed this image, I tried various crops, and in the end I liked this smaller square version better. Just because I have the wider scene captured does not mean I have to use it. The super large mega-pixel image provided for a wide range of experimenting with various crops. BTW, this image was created the old fashion way (Graduated neutral density filters, no HDR)

© 2011 Scott Dimond

And speaking of the Icefield Parkway, if you have never ventured up that way, you don’t know what you are missing. I could go on and on about it but there is a much better way to learn about all the wonderful photographic opportunities that exist in all seasons along this route. The definitive guide for photographing this area is authored by Darwin Wiggett and he now has two new eBooks on the subject available at HowToPhotographTheCanadianRockies; one for winter and one for the other 3 seasons. These are highly recommended.

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