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Cochrane Camera Club and HDR

February 10, 2011

Last night I did a presentation for the Cochrane Camera Club entitled “Introduction to HDR (Capture and Post-processing)”. Cochrane is a small town just outside of Calgary with a thriving Camera Club lead by their president Catherine Byram. The meeting was well attended and I hope everyone got something from the presentation.

In my presentation, I showed some natural scenic images that looked just the way I saw them (click here for one example). The use of Neutral Density Graduated Filters was not an option in the making of that sample image but by using HDR, I came away with a pleasing landscape shot. Not all HDR images have to look cartoonish or surreal. I do move in that direction for some of my Urban Landscape work but that is a matter of choice. The point being that if you had steered away from HDR because you though it only produced over saturated bizarre haloed images, you might want to reconsider.

One other point I tried to stress during my presentation was the importance of capture in the entire HDR process. As mentioned in a previous post, you need to “Mind the Gap” and ensure you capture at least one image that completely avoids highlight clipping and one image that completely avoids shadow clipping. Once you have those images captured as part of a bracketed series, you can use them with HDR software available today or (here is a thought!) the latest HDR software that will be release one or two years from now. The software will continue to get better and better. But, if you did not capture the images correctly in the first place, there is little hope that even future software will be able to produce a usable image when there is missing image data. Remember that capture is important. Don’t be thinking you will just “fix it” in post when it comes to missing highlights or shadow detail.

If you were at the meeting last night, it was nice to meet you and thanks for the opportunity to present!

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  1. Hiro permalink
    March 3, 2011 12:18 pm

    I attended your lecture about HDR in Calgary. It was so helpful, especially about post processing for HDR+panorama. PTGui seems good software but I do not want to spend another $200 for that. You gave to me some solutions for pano+HDR images. Thank you so much. And I found fabulous photos in your websites.

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