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Intimate Landscapes

January 31, 2011

I shoot very few “intimate landscapes” and of those few, virtually none are tight shots of  just tree branches or bushes. Generally they just don’t appeal to me (photography is very subjective, as I’m sure you know). I’m using the “intimate landscape” term that Darwin Wiggett commonly uses to describe those types of images. In fact, some of Darwin’s own favourite images from last year fit into this category, with this being a good example:

© 2010 Darwin Wiggett

However, lately I have found myself shooting some of these types of images without consciously doing so. I just see something and shoot it. Later, I realize it might fit the “intimate landscape” description. I guess in the end, that is the way it is supposed to be. Just feel it, shoot it and analyze/categorize later.

Here is the image that got me thinking about this. It was shot during a brief blizzard with the snow obscuring virtually everything but the larger branches of several twisting trees.

© 2011 Scott Dimond

I guess I do shoot “intimate landscape” after all.

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