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A miniature model of an Airbus A380?

January 27, 2011

© 2010 Scott Dimond

Actually not. It is a real A380 but shot with a Tilt Shift lens, tilted hard and with shallow DOF. This type of shot is sometimes called “Miniature faking“. My image above is just a quick grab shot taken in October from the outside observation deck at Frankfurt airport. It is not my best example of this type of shot and not even the best image from that day in October. But having just returned from Frankfurt and seeing another A380 today, it seemed appropriate for a post.

This style of Tilt Shift photography first came to my attention when done by Vincent Laforet. But what Vincent did was take these types of shots at major events or from helicopters.

© Vincent Laforet

His tennis image was different from the norm and successfully set himself apart from the field. I can only assume it was a gutsy move to move way back and shoot a major tennis match in this style. Everyone else with accreditation would presumably have been court side.

© 2010 Scott Dimond

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