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Star Trails

January 20, 2011

© 2010 Scott Dimond

Here is a star trail shot I did in December. OK, so it was not as much work as doing “real star trail” shots but it was created in nicer surroundings. Unlike my other star trail photos in which I find myself in the middle of nowhere, cold and alone at 2am, this one was taken while listening to Christmas music and drinking German beer. I shot it at an outdoor Christmas market beside the famous Cathedral in Cologne, Germany (see my photo of the market here). It was taken with my G11 using a slow shutter speed and just twisting the camera.

My other star trail images (click here to see several) were a little more complicated to produce. Here is one for comparison purposes.

© 2010 Scott Dimond

If you are interesting in knowing how these star trail images were produced (no, not the one taken while drinking beer, the other ones!), please leave me a comment. If there is enough interest, I’ll dedicate a blog posting to the entire process.

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